Privacy Policy

This policy has been created to ensure you have a clear understanding and assurance that any information you create by subscribing or connecting will not be sold or given away to any other party.

Comments on this blog: The comments on this blog are public, please be aware of this when you are sharing your information or comments.  If you share your email address with us, please ensure it is correct so that you can be contacted if your comment is unclear or needs further discussion.

Cookies: It is common practice that cookies are used with almost all professional websites.  These are tiny files that are downloaded to your computer, to improve your experience.  This page describes what information is gathers, how it is used and why there is a need to store these.  We will share how you can prevent cookies from being stored but this may impact on your experience of the functionality of the site.

More information can be found by doing further research on HTTP cookies.

How we use Cookies:  These are used for the functionality of the site and unfortunately, in most cases there are no industry standard options for disabling cookies without disabling the functionality and features they add to our site.  It is recommended that you leave all cookies on especially if you are not sure whether you need them or not in case they are used to provide a service that you use.

Disabling Cookies: To prevent the setting of cookies you are able to adjust your browser settings (see your own system help on how to do this).  Be aware that disabling cookies will limit functionality of the site and other websites you visit.  It is recommended that you do not disable cooking to ensure you experience and enjoy the site fully.

Cookies We Set:  The site offers opportunities to share your information through comments and signing up to news etc.  Cookies may be used to remember if you are already registered and whether to show notifications which might only be valid to specific users.

When you submit data through a form, cookies may be set to remember your user details for future communication.

In order to provide the best experience on the site we provide functionality set to your preferences for how the site runs.  In order to remember your preferences, we set cookies so that information can be remembered when you interact with a page which is affected by your preferences.

Third Party Cookies: In some cases, we also use cookies provided by trusted third parties. This site uses Google Analytics which is a widespread, trusted web solution to monitor how our site is used and how we can improve this experience.  These cookies may track things such as how long individuals spend time on pages and what they engage with so that we can produce high quality and engaging content.  More information can be found on the Google Analytics page.

Occasionally new features are tested and changes are made to our site.  Cookies may be used to ensure a consistent experience is received whilst on our site.

Google AdSense service may be used to promote and advertise products, services and sites.  Cookies may be used to ensure our ads are relevant and limited where appropriate.  More information can be found on Google Adsense.

We also use social media buttons/plugins on this site to allow users to connect with social networks in various ways.  These social media sites (e.g. Twitter) will set cookies which may also be used to enhance your experience on their site and contribute to the data they hold on you.  Information can be found on their privacy policies.

More Information: we hope that the above information allows you to be confident and clear on how we use information and improve site functionality and performance.  If you have any further questions or comments regarding our privacy policy please contact us on:

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