Give me shelter! A wee test run in Devilla Forrest

We checked the chances of rain last night at at 20% after 9am we thought it would be a good chance to get the lavvu tent up to try to suss out how easy it is.

First goes… it was no problem, took about ten minutes. We had left the two halves together to make it easier and wrapped it up in one rucksack along with the poles and pegs. The other rucksack took care of the sit mats, snacks and water.

The trial run learning points. 1. Make sure the two edges meet at the front so that you can seal it up when the weather gets wild. 2. Figure out how to get the tent peg cords in place so that its less of a faff when you get somewhere. 3. Use an anchor point for the bottom pole. I bought a small wooden heard candle holder that has the metal circular insert which holds the bottom bit of the pole in place without sinking or damaging the ground mat. 4. put something at the top of the pole were it meets the canvas to ensure it doesn’t wear it away over time. Was thinking about a square from an old yoga mat as a non slip protector.

We sat in there dry and feeling pretty chuffed with our buy. When we go walking for a full day this is going to be a cracking wee shelter to get a brew and some lunch on the go!

The forest was pretty quiet once of the main tracks and it was easy to find a spot to give the first attempt a go! This could be one of my favourite bits of kit…. now all I have to do is find a place to dry it out!

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