Feeling the Lavvu – Introduction to our Polish Army Cape Shelter

Living in Scotland it is hard not to get a little hacked off at mother nature when she decided that she wants to rehydrate the land. When you are away walking or camping you soon realise there is different types of rain and wind. The lighted of touch that you barely notice, to three minutes of full on rain that goes right through to your bones!

Getting a bit older, I wanted to try and find a shelter so that if she decides to let loose, we can get under something, fire up a wee stove and get a rest too.

We spent some of our nights sifting through different bushcraft and survival sites and videos and happened to stumble upon a lavvu. This is effectively two army rain capes which can be fastened together using the buttons with a pole erected in the middle to form a tent. Having done a wee research project when I was supposed to be off work, I found out that these lavvu’s were pretty cheap in comparison to backpacking tents. At around £40.00 from ‘military mart’, I couldn’t resist as a way to spend my Christmas money.

On arrival (so excited) I unpacked and put it over the clothes dryer as, having watched a vew videos, it looked like the buttons could be a bit on the fiddly side. The material is of top quality with a sense that it could be a wee bit bullet proof (famous last words?). Doing this at home without weather or wind was really helpful as it allowed me time to figure out how to get the button fastenings to double back on themselves making the edges seal together well.

I was amazed that the tag on this old girl said ‘1975’! We are practically twins! You would never know by looks!

The capes also come with poles for the middle to allow you to erect it and some serious pegs to help tether down. I haven’t put it up outside yet, but my oh my I am in love with my lavvu! Let’s hope we can experiment with it without mother nature catching on!

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