Happy 2022 folks!

Excited about what is to come. We didn’t share much of our adventures last year but we did have a few trips out in the van and have switched from the Khyam Kampa Motordome to the Khyam Kamper XC. We felt that this would allow us to sleep out when the weather was warm, then in the van when it was colder.

Our Recamp ‘Army Style’ beds have been another great purchase as, when getting a bit older (want to say wiser but sorer is probably more accurate), the nights sleeping on a wee sliver of a camping mat have long gone. Comfort is the key for us! So the plan: our comfort sandwich will be the Redcamp matters, small Thermarest for insulation, then a wee mattress topper! Have tested this out at home and it is working a treat, so can’t wait to get out and try it.

Cooking wise the Cadac brand has really impressed us with our good old Trangia cookset which I’ve had forever!

I have made a spur of the moment purchase that makes me giggle a bit. Youtube has a lot to answer for! I was faffing about as you do and came across a Polish Lavvu which is effectively two Army capes which you can fasten together, peg down, stick a pole in the middle and create a shelter for when you are out and the weather turns, or at a wee stop for lunch out in the wilds. I have no idea whether this will be a great wee bit of kit, an extravagance or folks will think I have lost it! But I found a cheap one at under £50… my concerns are the weight of this but if we can split it and both carry a bit of it, job done… right?

I will fire some posts up about this once it arrives! I have also been looking at hot tent stoves but seriously need to have a word with myself!

We wish you all a great start to the New Year and plenty wild adventures. Stay safe enough but don’t forget to do the stuff that excites your spirit! Much love!

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