Faffing on the Fife Coast – Aberdour

Nestled away just North of Dunfermline lies a little place called Aberdour which is definitely worth a wee trip. Heading from the Dunfermline side there is an interesting and unusual little shop called ‘The Green Witch’ which sells crystals, dream catchers and incense. Further on there will be signs for Silver Sands on the right which takes you out of the town and to a managed car park. For £2.00 for the day you can park up then head down the hill to the bay area which has plenty grass areas for ball sports, picnics and relaxing. There is also public toilets and a small cafe which sells snacks, cakes and a decent brew.

If you want a wee stroll you can head round the bay for a walk heading for Burntisland and Kinghorn. This walk meanders up and down with a fairly sturdy fence to ensure kids/dogs don’t slip into the water, where it is steep. One of the only down sides was that there isn’t much seating for those who might need a wee break.

On the sunniest days the Aberdour beach gets busy with families and dogs who are galloping in and out the water but we found a wee space out of the way to relax, have our brew and appreciate seeing the sun glistening on the water after a testing year.

Good to feel the sun and take in the sea air! If you are heading here in the sunshine, set the alarm and get there before it gets a bit busy!

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