These boots are made for walking! Review of Adidas Terrex Walking Shoes

Camping and walking for over 20 years helps me build up a knowledgebase of brands an gear to avoid and others to move towards.

I have purchased outdoor footwear brands including: Berghaus, Merrell, Scarpa, North Face and Salamon. The widsom that has been fermented over the years is ‘make sure your boots and your bed are good quality, the rest can be worked out’!

It always disappoints me when big brands try to cut corners and costs and take a really good quality product and dilute what is special or different about them. A prime example of this was the Merrell trainers. Years back, these would be my go-to footwear, they were tough, waterproof and lasted the pace. Was well impressed and definitely bought them back to back on about 6 different occasions. They were unbeatable. Then something changed, they started feeling cheaper, less robust and just a bit less impressive. When a walker loses faith in their footwear, they lose their ability to carry on regardless.

This brings me to my new find… I am a bit of an Adidas fan as when I was young and a bit older too, I liked the Adidas Campus trainers just for faffing about. However, last autumn, I had an opportunity to choose a new walking shoe for my birthday and began to scout around and see what was out there. I came across Adidas Terrex and initially thought ‘nah they wont be technically up for it’ thinking Adidas was more fashion than function, but I was intrigued.

I took the gamble… going for Terrex Skychaser priced between £80 – £100 it is comparable with the other Merrell, Scarpa brands.

On opening them and trying them on – the first thing I noticed was the comfort. They felt as if I had already worn them in… no rubbing heals, no pinching, no drama. Surely that will kick in on the first walk, I shrugged. in puzzlement.

First walk – comfortable, warm, waterproof – going through damp and boggy terrain, they leaned into the work and kept going. No downsides and still no sore bits.

Going home after particularly muddy escapades, they would wipe down well and be ready for the next adventure.

Happy to announce that these will continue to be my go to footwear, unless they meander down the Merrell route but fingers crossed.

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