Simple Things – Sunshine on Loch Katrine

We drove up through Aberfoyle, where we got married last year and drove up the hill past the Queen Elizabeth Forest Park and onto Loch Katrine. There was a little activity with a small takeaway shop and toilets open which was a welcome surprise. It was lovely to feel the sun as we walked around the edge of the loch with steep sides and fences in places then an opportunity to wander down to the water’s edge at other parts. It is an ideal spot to get smaller folks out on their bikes as it is pretty flat.

There has been some developments since the last time I ventured up this way including a few camping pods and a small park. It seems strange to have these pods so close to the start of the walk – on a summers day there will be no privacy or peace but for some families they will enjoy the energy of families out for a wee wander. Sir Walter Scott – not the man, the steamship was safely harboured due to covid… it will be good to see life return and these boats taking visitors to this beautiful area and onto the water.

We found a little shelter from the winds and sat by the edge of the loch for a while watching the light dancing on the water. If we hadn’t parked on a limit of 3 hours, we would have stayed their the entire day, until the sun faded.

It was such a restorative wee walk and connection to nature – really needed after such a challenging year.

On the way back we stopped again in Aberfoyle and grabbed some hot food from a takeaway stand parked behind the Tourist Office, then headed home.

Aberfoyle has little to offer in terms of large shops or sights, but it does have a few simple places to get some food, provisions and head into the hills – definitely recommend a wee wander in the woods and a trip to Loch Katrine.

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