Tonight I’m a Rock and Roll Star – Van Finally Arrived!

After so many months researching and studying all that is involved with getting a van, our fabulous LG arrived a few weeks ago. Imported from Japan with super low mileage, our new adventure wheels rocked up into our street (nothing like a wee doorstep delivery to save us the hassle!). It is a Nissan Elgrand Highway Star – not converted into a camper and we aren’t going to convert. Don’t see the point of wasting time building wee cupboards and a place for a stove when we can have an awning and do all the cooking stuff out there. The last thing I want is for the smells of all the food to end up being soaked up into the fabric and leather of our fabulous wee van.

We have named it LG for a few reasons, the main one is that my other half is a Manc Lad who grew up around the same area as the infamous Gallagher brothers. We both love music and yes, although he is a bit of a challenge, Liam G has attitude, spirit and a bit of star quality – sounds like a perfect name for our bus!

We have been out and about just for short spins and day trips locally while we aren’t allowed to have a proper road trip but can’t wait to put a few miles on the clock and get out and about.

We fancy the North Coast but it seems everyone has the same idea – so these wee roads will probably be chocca when we get out there.

Will put a few more posts up now we are getting back in action – with some of the gear, places and future plans.

Adventure is out there and soon we will be too! xxx

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