Wild and wonderful!

Opened up our Christmas presents from family and much to our surprise there laying at the bottom of the bag is a Digital Train Camera! Not sure of quality or how to work it yet but very excited that we can use it up at the cabin and see what wee furry creatures are lurkin about after hours. So far up there we have been surprised by the variety of birds. Since 2018 we have seen: Woodpecker, Wren, Great Tit, Blue Tit, Long Tail Tit, Wren, Robin, Blackbird, Raven. Also spotted deer very close and hubby spotted a fox one evening snooping around. No sightings but also heard cuckoos and chiff chaffs too.

We have built a bit of a platform out of two pallets and are going to put it at the back of the cabin away from the path and people and use this as a bit of a feeding station. Before we built there one of the locals said that you might see pine martens and owls too so we might be lucky. It may not seem very rock and roll but this is really exciting for us – we love wildlife and are delighted when they grace us with a wee visit. As you might know, I’m a therapist and I work a lot with difficult life issues hearing lots of really difficult materials and holding space for folks at their most vulnerable. This is my therapy, this is how I let go and connect back to nature and the calmness within. I believe I need this, I rely on it and I’m lost without it.

So, I will be posting up videos once I get this thing rigged up. It comes with a bracket so we will put it up under the eaves of the cabin and see who comes to see up.

The spec of the box: 16mp, Waterproof, 2.4″ LCD screen 20M IR Flash, Prep 120 degree lens and room for a 32gb memory card!

Will be good to get started and share our friends with you – if it goes well, I would be up for getting a more advanced one that we can take on the road with us when wild camping!

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