I’ve got the power! Trying to navigate the choices for a Portable Power Station!

We are looking at the different types of Portable Power Station for the van…. new territory for us as we have always just managed in tent with a few hot water bottles and a wee dram of whisky when needed! The Ecoflow Delta 1300 seems to have good reviews on account of the recharge time – 80% in an hour. Also able to charge through plug and solar but one of the down sides seems to be that the internal fans seem to be a little loud. If we are using in the van to keep us toasty I don’t really want a racket going on.

Other folks are recommending the Goal Zero Yeti… as this is quieter with similar features. So we will dig about and do some more research and see if we can get something maybe in the January sales.

I don’t want to spend a small fortune but if it means the difference between a good night sleep in a cosy van or a freezing flat battery situation, then I think we should spend a bit on this. I can also use it for wilderness yoga, teaching at the cabin and I’m sure it will come in handy if we ever have a power cut.

Will keep looking and keep you all posted! Love to hear your comments or advice on this though!

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