A little bit on the side – the Khyam Motordome

So even before we get the van, I started doing some research around driveaway awnings… I wondered, ‘Am I safe to assume that you can driveaway and leave it up to go into town?’ duh it’s a DRIVEAWAY!!

The Vango awnings weren’t really convincing me that they were right for us. Years ago I had a Vango Odyssey 400 which was an amazing wee bulletproof tent. But as the years went on, I feel that Vango material and build cheapened moving from a serious bit of kit, to the leisure market. That wee tent stood up to what the Scottish weather could throw at it, but the newer stuff… not convinced.

Apart from the quality of the build, I just can’t seem to get my head around the ‘inflatable’ tent and awning market. If anyone has even a little bit of camping experience they will know that when your airbed starts being problematic, it can really put a dampener on things. Having to pump it up, look for leaks seemed to become inevitable. Also with sun, rain and general gales… I don’t have much faith in the inflatable staying inflated… am I too cynical?

Give me a pole, something robust, that when you lock it out, it doesn’t need any more attention. I trust a pole, poles have held up in all the years I’ve been through with Vango, Coleman, Suncamp, Vaude. And if the pole goes… you can order a new one! I remember back when my Vaude Mark V pole had a slight fracture at one of the ends. I emailed Vaude with a photo and within less than a week, a new pole had arrived and my tent was good for another 10 years… and its still going.

So… Khyam seemed to look okay, not bad reviews, pretty sound. Worth a gamble!? Prices are high though so ventured onto ebay for a few weeks, months just to have a wee look and see what they were going for. The RRP was around 500 quid and for us, that is too much. We will be sleeping in the van so we could afford to take a gamble. So a motordome appeared on a Buy Now price at around £100.00 so we went for it. Well I went for it then told my other half! After it arrived we took it to my office, put it up and waterproofed it using Nikwax. Left it up for the weekend (god knows what the cleaners thought!).

Haven’t had it up in the weather yet – haven’t got the van yet… but soon… soon!

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