On the road again…

One of my favourite songs… and very relevant to the plans we have been making while the world has come to a standstill. As a counsellor I’ve noticed just how much mental health has been impacted by the pandemic. I support other practitioners too as their supervisor so I’m in touch with many cases, many stories that let me glimpse the world and the themes and patterns which arise from such difficult conditions.

The cabin, when travel restrictions aren’t in place, has been a lifeline to life beyond the politics, rules and regulations that have been at work. To be there with the log burner on, the birds coming for their breakfast – has helped me remain grounded, most of the time.

In the beginning, I saw a lot of resilience and resources being leaned on and people keeping their spirits up but as the pandemic took hold, this seemed to chip away at their ability to bounce back from each news update and folks started sinking. To allow me and my other half to stay afloat, I have spent the last year planning and researching and we have decided to buy a van to travel around the UK in. By van, I am not referring to some swanky VW fully kitted out machine. The price for these are astronomical and I’ve I had £60k to blow, I would be looking for a wee ramshackle cottage in the highlands to refurbish.

Instead we have decided to purchase a Japanese import – Nissan Elgrand. This for us, is exactly what we need. We have had years of camping with just the basics so we don’t need all the bells and whilstles the expensive vans have to offer, just a comfy spot to get our heads down and get a decent night sleep with an awning for the cooking/chill zone.

There will be lots to share with you about how we decided the LG as we are calling it (after Mr Gallagher) was the one for us and give you some of the tech details on this and some of our kit. I’m also gearing up to take lots of clips from our travels so hopefully there will be wildlife, landscapes and a bit of fun too.

My health hasn’t been brilliant so I’m going to use this van as my ‘non gym’ gym membership. The paths will be my treadmill, we might even try a bit of wild swimming and god knows, we will be chased by the swarms of midges as it will start in Scotland.

One of the interesting apps I’ve found is Park4Night – a great wee helper to find the nooks and crannies to park in and have a wee night sleep. So much to think about and consider but what feels great is that I don’t feel trapped by present circumstances. Excitement and adventures await.

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