Wildling Adventures to Kinlochard, Scotland

So on 20th February 2020, me and my fellow adventurer decided to go on one of the greatest adventures of them all. We became Mr and Mrs McCann!

We decided to keep it a very small affair and by small I mean 7 people in the registry office in Aberfoyle, Scotland, including the registrar! We wanted to take away the commercial and consumable aspects of the wedding and for it to be about a simple, yet important promise to one another. It is hard not to spend any money at all but we definitely spent less that £500! The Scotsman quoted that the ‘average’ Wedding reaches costs of around £26,000! Oh my goodness if I had that kind of money I would buy a woodland and spend most of my time there! We wanted to bring the Celtic tradition of ‘haunfasting’ into our ceremony. Handfasting (haunfasting) is a Celtic tradition in the declaration of a couples love to each other. In our case we had a tartan ribbon with a Celtic symbol which is wrapped around both hands for the promise. Tying the knot – literally!

We asked the registrar to share the poem Haunfast by Sheena Blackhall

Somethin auld: the years afore
Somethin new: the morn’s door
Somethin borraed: kirk, or haa
Somethin blue: sky clear o sna
As bricht as ony wattergaw
A cloodless future spent as twa

Translated below (I’ll try!)

Something old: the years before, Something new: tomorrows door, Something borrowed: Church or Hall, Something blue: clear sky of snow, As bright as any rainbow, A cloudless future spent as two!

We also added a Celtic blessing at the end

After our ceremony, we headed to the Forth Inn at Aberfoyle for a wee lunch. It was lovely meal with roses on the table and laughter and love in our hearts!

We said goodbye to our wee family and headed away to the McDonald Forest Hills Resort for our honeymoon night! We had only paid for a basic room but the lovely receptionist decided to upgrade us to a suite! It was a beautiful room and fantastic end to a wonderful day. In my older years, I am realising that all the big gestures, expense and glitter, really doesn’t matter at all. What matters is a promise to be fully signing up to this wild adventure!

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