Keeping cubs happy – outdoor creative play and games for Children

No matter whether you are under canvas for a week on a camping adventure or round at the neighbours garden for a BBQ.  The secret to a happy experience is to ensure your wee wolf cubs are kept busy and occupied with games!

With a bit of a game plan and a bit of preparation, they wont have time to kick off into a major tantrum or use the ‘I’m bored’ mantra that will drive you to distraction!

Okay so let me share some of my top games and ideas so that your cubbies and you will get the best out of the great outdoors!

Tents, Tepees and Dens: if you have a table, a sheet, a stick or a branch… kids love having their own wee hideaway to use as their own house or camp.  It doesn’t take much to create a bit of a canopy or shelter.  If you aren’t the creative type, invest in a cheap pop up tent from the bargain shops (no more than £10.00) and they can use it anytime your away, even indoors!

Ideas around this to keep them even more busy:

Welcome to Cubbies Bakery

Get them to set it up as a shop, using pebbles for bread and cakes, leaves for salad/veg, sand for pouring out as your favourite soup – you get the idea.  You can leave them to it or help set them up!  They can get creative using some rope and leaves to decorate, make signs, use smaller pebbles for money!Get them to imagine their lovely new dwelling is their new house and they are your neighbour. 

Love thy Neighbour

Let them invite you to tea, invite them for cake… they can design their garden outside, cut the grass, plant some flowers, put in a birdbath using all the bits and bobs they can find!  Kids love the game SIMS on game consoles – let them do it in the outdoors!

The Creative Den

You could get some battery-operated fairy lights, wooden board and some art products and turn it into a creative studio for your budding artist.  Getting them to work on several projects then invite you to their art display with them organising some invitations, refreshments and nibbles – where you can purchase one of the works of art for a small donation. Whatever you decide on, you could get them to use a cheap camera or old mobile to take snaps of their great work so that next time they can decide what to improve, how to decorate, what deals to put on special offer, who they will invite to the next big event! 

With all this stuff going on – they won’t have time to be bored or to throw a tantrum!  But you need to get clever with the set up – a box of bits and a bit of a plan will get them started.  Of course, once their efforts are ready to be viewed this is your time to show them just how much they are shining and what an amazing imagination your wee cub has got!  Once they get going they can invite their friends, your friends kids and others to get involved too!

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