Beams, Shingles and Specs Oh My!

I never thought I would be the type of person to get excited about quality shingles but hey – here I am!

So here is a wee bit of info on our humble abode!

  • The walls are double groove interlocking log 68mm thick
  • The floor and roof boards are tongue and groove
  • Double glazing is thermal glass
  • There is bubblefoil insulation in the floor
  • Bitumen high quality roof tiles are on top
  • Guttering kit and water butt to give us water for plants
  • Preserves are Cuprinol and Dulux

Although you can’t get a sense of it but the smell of the wood is the first thing that hits you when you open the door. Was so exciting to see the plans come to life and have stairs, walls, floors and roof! From plans and planning to being able to stand and look out at our view made me so emotional. I was also very aware of the beautiful Scottish weather and how summer months can also be rainy, windy and wild. So our priority was to try to get the preserve on the external walls to protect the wood as soon as we could!

I was getting the sense that we will always be working, pottering, fixing, inventing up here and it pleases me that we are always up to something, as well as enjoying and savouring every moment we can spend there.

2 Replies to “Beams, Shingles and Specs Oh My!”

  1. Take it from a man who lived 14 years off grid in a 20×24 cabin your work is beautiful…. only difference being that here in the US we have found that remote cabins do better with a tin roof. The main reason besides longer life is we have a lot of lightning caused forest fires and the tin protects the house below it.


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