Our first clip from the cabin!

Well, we have our first video clip uploaded. No idea what we are doing really but this whole adventure is a learning process in so many ways. We would be delighted to hear from anyone who has comments or feedback to help us learn to get better at this!

You will get a wee brief tour or the outside of the cabin! It made me laugh to hear how Scottish accent was! We hope you will see why we fell I love with that wee place in the woods.

2 Replies to “Our first clip from the cabin!”

  1. My place unlike yours was built strictly for functionality but I love the finish you put on the exterior of your home and the doors are a nice touch too.


  2. First of all, it’s good to hear accents in our increasingly homogenized world!

    I love the finish you’ve put on the outside. I recently pressure washed and stained the outside of my little cabin, and I am very pleased with the result.

    Are you concerned about animals moving in beneath your cabin? My cabin rests on a slab of concrete because I didn’t want skunks to move in underneath.


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