Cabin Décor – Charity Shop Treasures and Wild Horses

So far, I’ve shared with you a few posts on the wee gas heater find, the sofa/bed find and now something which has no practical value. I just loved it.

I was in one of my local charity shops and having a look for book shelf, chairs and other bits for the cabin with my daughter. She hasn’t been that keen on scouting for bargains in charity shops so she was hoping I would have a quick swizz round then back out in record speed. The furniture part of the shop had the usual tired sofas and big giant wardrobes… not much to excite the new cabin dweller. Just before the exit there was a small room with books, records and paintings – a real mish mash of things all stacked and leaning against each other. The size of the canvas was what drew my attention as I saw it from the back – it is about 1.5 metres high and just about 1 metre wide. I had a hunch it would be one of the portraits of a lady and her form. So when turning this round with the help of my daughter – I saw this beautiful horse painting. The movement in the painting really struck me and it captured the wild spirit of this horse and I fell in love with it. I connected with the ‘fighter’ within it, the survivor, the wildness. ‘How the hell are we going to get this in the car’ my daughter exclaimed. My answer ‘I don’t know, but if I need to put you on a bus home to fit it in, it is happening and coming home with me!’ Of course it was part jest and part serious but I love this painting so much as it represents something for me, something in me, something that we all possess… the spirit. Oh and did I mention it cost £3.00. Yes £3.00 – why people turn away from charity shop finds totally confuddles me! So far everything in the cabin in reused, preloved and recycled! Even this beauty!

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