Getting our beddy byes sorted – a new bed for the cabin!

With a space of 6 x 4 metres, we needed to be a bit canny about the space and the best use of it. My research has always been extensive since my years of camping had included a few wet and wild disasters with cheap tents! The trial and error of camping and being sodden through in the middle of Skye with no dry clothes left, gets you extremely good at investing in good equipment! We will cover that in another blog… anyhoo back to the bed business. I was looking at futons, fold downs, fold ups and a variety of space saving options. Through a good few weeks and months of checking all this out – I settled on an option that surprised me! IKEA!!! I generally look for sturdy, rustic and traditional furniture that will last longer than I do but… something grabbed my attention!

This bed looked extremely sturdy and could be pushed into the sofa shape anytime we weren’t using it. My partner is 6ft 2 so to get a small futon would not cut it! The last thing we wanted is his feet dandling over the end of the bed! The bed had three big drawers on the bottom too, meaning we could store the bedding whilst using the pillows as cushions to add a bit of cabin comfort! We have been really lucky with getting bits and pieces from charity shops and preloved websites and this purchase was no different. Gumtree again came up trumps for us. Brand new IKEA prices would reach £350 ish for the frame and a further £200 or so for the mattresses giving a grand total of at least £550 to £600 depending on finish and mattress quality. A wee gumtree search found the exact frame and two brand new mattresses for £120.00. The lady selling them had thought about renting a spare room to students to generate income but it hadn’t worked out so she was decluttering!

I was so excited about this buy! We would have our wee heater and our bed – with my camping stove and accessories we could easily have a wee night here. My biggest problem was the transportation of this massive item without a van! No we didn’t have access to a van and I have a Nissan Qashqai – which I must have assumed had the magical potential of a tardis as, in my mind, it was going to fit in! Thankfully the women had dismantled it – although being given the bag of screws being handed to me which looked like the contents of a B&Q shelf felt a little daunting!

Sometimes I am too stubborn for my own good – it serves me well at times though. Bit by bit the bed made its way into the Qashqai as if it was entering Narnia through the special wardrobe door. I stuffed, stacked and shoved it until not a piece was left – not even the bag of what felt like 5,000 screws!

When I got it up to the cabin I spread everything out on the floor and luckily with instructions in hand, started my wee project of ‘I know I am a girl but I will show the world my brain can work methodically and in sequence’! I only had about three wrong turns as I put the back board on the wrong way round and there was a few screws missing but it was built and it was magnificent!

A sturdy, strong sofa and bed, easily moved and effortlessly converted into a comfortable kingsize bed! I don’t normally get too excited about IKEA products but on this occasion I have to say the bed makes Mr Sandman a very welcome visitor to the cabin!

2 Replies to “Getting our beddy byes sorted – a new bed for the cabin!”

  1. I love your site and your blog. I am an avid camper, and looking to go off the grid with a tiny house/cabin. Found you in the Comments section on a building video I watched earlier today. Thanks!


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