Baby it’s cold outside… review of Provence Portable Gas Heater

Once the walls and the roof were on, we couldn’t wait to have a night in the wilds. So I started looking on gumtree and other sites for a portable heater that might be able to keep us toastie until we could get a more permanent solution. I had done a lot of research (as usual) and had found the reviews of the Provence Heater to be excellent:

There was a big variety on price from £300 to £400 on the different websites in the UK and whilst I was busy comparing these – a local gumtree advert popped up with a seller literally two miles from my home. It looked new and came with a part filled gas bottle for £99.00. At the time I was on my own but through it was too good an opportunity to miss. So went to view it and the guy explained he had bought it for his garden workshop and had liked it but his wife didn’t like the smell of gas and preferred electric option. I couldn’t believe it had been the heater on my wish list. So I snapped it up and the guy helped me put it in my car.

The features that stood out for me were:

Appearance – The look of the heater is traditional and rustic like an old burner. The cast iron give it a sturdy and significant look to make a bit of a feature in the room. The coals look realistic and give off a nice glow when lit. These are also easily replaceable in case they got broken over time. The gas bottle can be neatly housed within the centre of the heater and a door at the back makes it easy to get the bottle out or in.

Mobility – The heater is on wheels which makes it much easier to move around especially with the full calor gas bottle in it. The click out gas valve on the heater makes it very easy to replace the bottle with not too much faffing about. The only difficulty was I had to move the heater up a few stairs at the front of the cabin on my own which was tricky but got there in the end.

Efficiency – The heater was able to heat our cabin which is 6m x 4m fairly well during the winter months and definitely allowed us to begin to use the cabin and establish ourselves. It is definitely not a long term solution but for a short term or as an emergency heater it was ideal.

Important Caution and Selling Point!!! With our lack of wisdom and far too much enthusiasm – we created a small bedroom space in the cabin by using quilts hung up from the beams. We thought this would keep the heat in and it did – pretty well. Unfortunately we were also in a wee bit of danger from carbon monoxide poisoning. This fabulous heater has a safety oxygen depletion cut-off device which helped us stay alive without us really knowing it! Everyday is a school day! Thankfully the Provence Heater saved the day when we were too daft to!

2 Replies to “Baby it’s cold outside… review of Provence Portable Gas Heater”

  1. While checking online I notice there is two version of these heaters, the 3KW and the 3.4KW with more heat and bigger flames which was introduced about a year ago.


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