Two short planks! The cabin build starts taking shape

To say I did a lot of research about the cabin build, planning regulations and materials is a total understatement. Bear in mind, no… and I mean zero experience of anything like this. My knowledge extended to tents, stoves, walking and outdoor gear! The biggest build I had done prior to this was making a lego cottage with my daughter and believe me… it took forever!

We were given options of pine and spruce… we were also told that if we could afford it, to choose spruce as it is a harder wood and would last longer than pine. Something to do with the density of the grain! So spruce it is! We were also given options in terms of insulation on floor and roof and the quality of glazing… I did my best to get as good quality as possible. Even the bitumen shingles were an upgrade from the basic ones. A concern at the time, due to being in the middle of the woods, was damp and moisture – I had hoped the pier block foundations would be high enough off the land to ensure moisture didn’t creep up from the forest floor into the wood. The build wood was also completely untreated, so once it was up fully – we would have to give it at least a few coats of preservative before staining it. The planning folks had decided that to be ‘sympathetic’ to the landscape, it would need to be either green or dark brown. I loved the colour of the wood but we needed to keep the planners sweet – so darker brown it would be. We had to get the industrial preserve and coating but it was starting to really take shape. It was so strange to see the land we had worked on, cleared and prepared actually have a structure on it. I had spent months and months visualising this and looking at images, drawings and doodles that now… it was an ACTUAL cabin.

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