A lot to learn about land and cabins!

We had an awful lot to think about at the start of our journey towards having our own wee cabin (or hut as they like to call them in Scotland). What we could afford was our biggest issue… I had squirrelled a little bit of money away for years once I had qualified as a CBT therapist, locking my wee savings nest egg away so that it could earn interest. My thinking was a bit like how I would decide on my tent purchases years before – what is the most amount of money I can possibly afford so that I can get the best quality because this is a big investment. I had a pretty bad car accident and ripped muscles in my shoulder and neck, so I knew I couldn’t physically be the one to do the build, so I would need to find someone reputable to work to a plan that would get the necessary planning permissions. It was also a conservation area so the normal rules of building didn’t apply. I knew nothing about planning, foundations, materials at all so this would be quite an adventure! There was lots of googling, you tube clips and reading articles and forums to get a sense of the kind of golden strands of other peoples wisdom and also avoiding the pitfalls too. It was exciting but also quite scary as this was a big step – I didn’t have a massive amount of savings or disposable income so whatever steps I took and investments I made, they had to be the right ones! What I remember most about this time was starting to get to know the site, the land, the ferns and spirea which were well rooted and the rocks and fallen branches that we started to move to make way for our new wee place.

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